Friday, August 29, 2008


Finally, i get the chance to write something on my blog after a long time of busyness..
Today, we had the independence day tribute celebration. It was kinda dull at first but it slowly rocked in the the end. After recess, some of the guys messed up with the sound system and played some shuffle tunes.

I joined the entourage and began to try shuffling infront of atleast a hundred people at the tapak. It was a bomb.. we rocked it and it was a cool preview before our 'canteen day' which is going to be launched tomorrow..

I'm gonna try and shuffle again when i have the chance tmr.. how about u guys jump in and rock on without a care in the world and shuffle till' ur legs drop off. lol.

Aights, i'll see some of u guys tmr at skewl..i'll be there to heat things up. :)