Monday, August 11, 2008


The hols are coming soon, i really need a vacation!
I need to be somewhere close to a tropical paradise to forget all of this headache.. i need some sun, sand, sweet breeze and bikinis on cute girls. lol.

I would like to be at Perhentian Island in Terengganu, the sweet breeze and warm water is always a blast! I wanna go snorkeling, i wanna lay down on the beach, i wanna have a barbecue and i wanna see girls play :)

I wanna be on my uncle's cruiser and go fishing in the middle of the sea.. i wanna jump into the sea and relax. i wish i'm there right now and admiring the sun-set. But i can't, because i have my SPM this year..and i have to study.

But i'm lucky to have my buds, Navin & the Xbox 360.. they'll be sleeping over and i'll call over some friends and we're gonna make some noise. They are my only remedy for this holiday dilemma.. lol. Cheers!

N.R. Association. :)