Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow. It's already August... it seems that time passes us by and sometimes we don't realize it. It's true about what they say: "time flies while ur having fun experiencing this thing we call 'life'." I still feel like i was in the form1 as if it was yesterday..

Throughout this whole time of me 'growing-up' in SMKBB, it's funny to remember about all the stupid things i did.. how i pissed my teachers off, how i was running around the whole school when i was chased by some of my friends, how i commanded the perbarisan during a period of time before the sports day, how i was obsessed with my water-polo team, how i was shouting at everyone's faces telling them to shut-up when i was a probate and a prefect... *sigh*

It's really something i could smile about when i think about it.. and now, i'm about to face the final exam in high school, which is the SPM. think that i actually have already spent 4years in that school and still counting..

I hope that i will be remembered in that school.. because the memories of being a student in that school will be apart of me till' the end of time.