Thursday, August 7, 2008


Would u care if someone wrote u a poem and expressed their feelings towards u eventhough it's too late for u to even care? Would u trust someone after they have betrayed ur trust? Would u listen to someone even if it might be one of the last conversation u'll ever have with that person? I have something to share, something personal.

This is what i feel right after i got dumped on the 7th of July.. and yes, i got dumped. Laugh if u want to.. it doesn't make any difference with what has happened to my personality, i am now trying to recover from all of this. So this will be my last message from my past relationship.. and when ur reading this; try to imagine what it's like to love someone eventhough they clearly don't share the same feelings with u anymore.

This poem was made when i feel like suiciding..

i was once the great friend,
i was once the a respected person,
i was once a fool.

i did not treasure what was very dearest to me,
you were the only thing which matters the most to me,
you were my everything.

i am now nothing but a tear shed from your beautiful eyes,
i am could only ask to be engraved within your memories,
you have left me without my heart,
as i draw my final breath,
i couldn't help but to regret everything.

as the light dissappears from my sight,
i couldnt stop remembering your face,
how you cherish me,
how you loved me,
how you were my everything.

as i began to close my eyes,
as my pulse begins to fade,
your voice is all i could hear,
the thought of you accompanies my tears.

if only i could be there for you when you needed me,
if only i was not the person i once was,
if only i could have the luxury of time,
if only i was strong enough to confess to you,
if only i could feel what it is like to be loved once more,
i would do anything to prevent what has happened.

why does it feel like this,
why can't i change just in time,
why are the odds against me,
why cant i be together with you again ?

these are the questions which will be buried alongside me,
these are the sins which will accompany me,
these are the doubts which will haunt me forever,
these are my regrets,
these are my wishes,
these are my confessions.

I hope atleast some of u people who reads this will understand what i'm trying to express.. and to my close friends, thanks guys. Thanks for being there for me when i needed someone.