Friday, August 1, 2008


I have a friend who like to take advantage of knowing something personal and telling it to the whole wide world. Who likes to see me suffer and pretend that nothing's going on and try to so call 'comfort' me when i'm down. What kind of a person is that u might think..

Well, believe it or not. That particular person has been friends with me since i was in standard4 in primary school.. and he has been a pain in my ass for years and yet, i am still a friend to him.

This person is such a brilliant actor that he could say any bullshit that he feels like saying and they totally bought it and sometimes, i am the victim of his creative crime. I just don't understand why people wouldn't actually try to find out the truth first before believing in someone's story.. it seems to be pointless of me trying to fight back when all i ever get are just lies.

It's funny how people hate me so much for the things that i didn't do. Even if i did do anything to them, whats the problem of telling me about what i've done ? Is it so hard for you to just tell me the truth about what kind of a person i am in your eyes ?

I mean come on, how am i suppose to know what i'm doing is right or wrong in your eyes ? To some people it might be the right thing to do but to the others, i would be seen as the villain and they wouldn't even try to correct me even if they could.

But does it even matter ? In the end, you guys will always listen to all those bullshits that always pointed to me.. right ?

Now, think about what i've just said. And try to be a better person, you bloody back-stabber!!