Saturday, August 9, 2008


Now, i really hate my life. Why u might ask? Well, firstly, i'm still emo since my last stupid breakup..secondly, my dad was admitted to the hospital for his heart failure and now; my blog is considered 'offensive' to a certain group of people.

Wth? How does my blog become offensive from me writing about my happy times with my buds and calling my batch a 'happening' batch of students? I just don't understand.. please let me know how does my articles become offensive when i don't even accuse anyone straight forward? If u feel the heat from reading my articles, then i apologize. But it's indirectly pointed to a certain group of people who makes my life more miserable...

The only way for me to release my anger and depression is through blogging.. so if u can't understand why i write all of this articles concerning my depressions and emotions in my life, it's because i don't have anything else to rely on when i'm pissed. My only exit is through blogging.

To anyone who finds this blog offensive, come and see me.. tell me what's bothering u and maybe we could come to an agreement on this matter. Don't talk BS behind my back and then tell me that what i shouldn't say or do; because this is MY PERSONAL BLOG. This is where i pour all that anger that i carry inside, so if u can't accept it...maybe i should just let it all out on you. Then u know what i feel..

So, please.. like how i always say in my articles, "try to understand me". This is why i write stuffs on my blog, for u people who likes to judge me before even getting to know who i am. Get it?