Tuesday, August 12, 2008


There's this girl..who caught my attention. She's seems to have a rocking personality, she could make me laugh when i'm emo..she could be sentimental with me when i'm emo.. She knows how dress herself to make her look like a super-hottie.., how much she hates mosquitoes when ever i talk about camping..lol.

I met this girl about a year ago and she's 16; at first, she's like so 'poyo'.. and like so mean-kinda-type girl. But i totally dig that side of her..cuz she seems to be like so evil and so attractive. (personally, i like those mean girls kinda type...cuz they seem to be so mean instead of the usual innocent looking type girls) So, at first..i thought she was a player. But after a while..(a really really long time..) she shows her softer side to me, her vulnerable side.. and at first, i was shocked, i was speechless. I would have never guessed someone like her would be insecure inside..

But seriously, she's gorgeous..it's just it takes time to get to know her (a long long time..). There was once where we were lepaking and i just looked at her and no wonder guys fall for her, she's a diamond but mistaken for a glass..

I have been beside her all this while...listening to her problems and such, being envy of the guys who she's with.. But if being a friend makes us closer and would stand out in the test of time, why not? :)

I hope one day, she would notice me as how i just noticed her during these past few weeks..and by the time she notices me, i hope i would still have a tiny crush on her. heh. I mean, who could resist me? (haha...being all perasan) :p