Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today, we have witness what a small thought could do to others. If u are a prefect of my school, u would understand. The thing is, i agree that some of the others are treating us without a 'smile'.. but my good friend has tried to show all of us what kind of impact it made on some of us seniors. And today, as my friend's blog is shown to the entire world and with a poor choice of words.. he has been shot down.

Guys, i know that i'm no 'quality-prefect' material.. but the thing is, i couldn't help to think that some of us who tried to tell u guys about our feelings are treated without respect. And yes; i know that respect has to be earned, and u can't respect us unless we respect u. Am i right so far?

I have some unsatisfied thoughts too but i don't think i could say anything cuz in the meeting today, my friends has already said it. And i said some of my piece myself towards Daniel during the meeting But hey, there's alot for us to stitch & make up. Mr.K is right about us not giving u guys the chance to start..and on my part, i apologize.

It was interesting how today turned up, how we 'conquered' this problem between all of us. I admit; i thought it was a popularity contest.. but after all of the explaining from the teachers. The truth of this 'respect' thing hits my face hard.. it felt like one good tight slap. lol.

In the end, i just wanna say that i'm sorry if i did offended anyone during my service as a prefect. I am very sorry. I truly am.