Monday, September 1, 2008


I havn't been updating my blog recently, and its cause im occupied with stuffs.
On last Saturday was the carnival day in my school.. and it was ok la. The thing is, i agree to what Qis wrote on her blog recently..

It pisses me off when some of YOU PEOPLE who thinks our skewl sucks and its full of rempits and whatever.. Weyh, please lah. Your school is almost the same and sometimes your school sucks more than ours. Rempits? Well, they are ok. Some of them are even my friends.. atleast they dont try to act all 'high-class' and actually, some of the malays i know cant even speak malay properly.

So before judging everyone else, look at yourself (and your school) first lah! fcuk u la weyh...ak yg ada royalty blood pun x poyo macam korang ok? please lah! you guys makes things worse in this country, not just the rempits. Its all because of your 'high-class' pampered attitudes.. some of us are the ones who has to take responsiblility. Think about what i've just said.. if u have problems about what i wrote, let me know. Tell it straight to my face.

I'll continue about the carnival by tomorrow, im not in the mood right now..