Saturday, August 2, 2008


What do u think of when u are asked about ur future? What do u wanna be? What are ur goals? To me, i'm still trying to figure those answers out myself. I'm still blur and un-prepared to face reality when it hits me..

And yes, i'm suppose to figure those answers out by now because i'm gonna be out of high school soon. By seriously, do u know what u really wanna do when u are thrown into the jungle out there? How are u gonna manage ur life?

There are a billion questions are going to be thrown to ur face..and the only way for u to answer all those questions are by looking at urself and figure it out by urself. It takes time ofcourse, it's no instant-noodle kind of answers... to really figure this out, u have to ask urself.

I am still searching for my answers...i hope i could find out those answers when time comes. Because, i wouldn't want myself to do something i don't want to. But ofcourse, at times..there will come a point where u don't have a choice. But for me, i want to find out the answer before those situations arise before me. Wouldn't u want the same?