Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Life's a bitch.. why u might ask?
Well, a guy which i never thought would do such a thing such as being an 'item' with my newly ex-girlfriend has become an 'item' behind my back. Firstly, i wanna congratulate him and his new 'girlfriend' for being such a cute adorable couple..

Secondly, congrats for betraying my trust and doing a superb job of getting my ex-girlfriend behind my back all these while...dude, ur a professional. You made me feel like a total idiot for believing and trusting u all these while. And no one could see it coming from you cause..well, u are like so well mannered and look like an angel infront of me.

And to think i actually thought u were my friend all these while in the prefect board?! Well..that just goes to show how much of an idiot i am.

Sincerely, i hope u guys will stay as an 'item' for a long time..cause both of u back-stabbers fit each other perfectly.. and i couldn't be more proud of having both of u in my life thus far.

Best of luck to him and her.