Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bye bye morning duties, bye bye prefect stuff...

By tomorrow, the form5 prefects will be retired and a new prefect board will be elected.

It's kinda sad to let it go; all those shouting to other people's faces, the early recess, the usual meetings and ofcourse with me being in it..the meetings have never been silent. I'm the most loudest, dunno-don't-care, immature prefect to be in the board (i think).

But ofcourse, i'm happy because i won't be under the "magnifying glass" anymore. It's a relief actually.. haha. I'm a trouble-maker kinda prefect, so being out of the picture will mean that i won't be screwed as much as i would get while my batch was still in session. haha..

Looking back at all this, i'm glad that i was once the loudest, childish prefect to had ever be within SMK Bukit Bandaraya. I would just like to say one thing: Adios Amigos! :)