Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today, my very very important pencil case has been stolen. Within that pencil case, lies my old AJK Discipline II name tag.. my artistic pens, my 570 calculator.. *sigh*

I'm right in the middle of my SPM trials and this thing happens pulak.. omg. Mampus aku.. All of my memorable stuffs are in there. Especially the old AJK name tag.

If i know who stole that pencil case and my belongings, i would kick his/her sorry ass and fcuking repeat it until im satisfied.. Sial la! This adds so much to my state of depression. I think would like fail my whole exam..cuz i dont feel like writing anymore.

Fcuk u la! (whoever stole my pencil case) Ur mother never teach u not to steal people's stuff ah?! Screw u man! I hope u trip and fell on my pencil case and the pen would stab ur heart and die, bitch! die!!