Friday, September 19, 2008


I was really bored yesterday, and Navin was around. So we were really bored and tired from studying for the trials..

While we were lepaking, i took out my phone and started to record a video.. Navin wanted to advertise on the toyota car which was parked somewhere near us. Then he...(well, take a look for yourself)

Thats the advert which i've just Owh well, u cant blame a crazy group of students when they are bored. Bcuz they are just bored. And bored people do stupid things sometimes..right?

This video was based on old chinese dubbed movies.. and the reason why i ran in the end was because Fariz was running towards Navin like he was gonna eat all of us. lol. :)
So yeah, this is what people do sometimes when they are totally bored.