Saturday, September 27, 2008


What have you done in this motherfcuking life to satisfy the need for you to be known?

Are you like just another sheep who follows the stupid routine and hope that something exciting will happen in your stupid pathetic life? You stare in jealousy while your friends get to make out with their girlfriends and cry yourself to sleep at night.. well, if thats how your living your life by listening to whatever crap people throw at your face and smile; you might as well just go suicide because whether your dead or alive, nobody knows of your existance and your just another stupid worthless sheep.

Or are you like the wolf; who bends every single rule in the book and live his life to the full. Throw that stupid phone to your ex-girlfriend's face whenever she begins to throw a bunch of crap and bullshit on your face when she tries to cover-up something so fcuked-up, punch the fcuk out of that bastard who's been annoying your ever since he saw you.. Why not try to skip class, punch the fcuk of an idiot, makeout with your girlfriend/your friend (girl), jump of a cliff, swim butt-naked, slap the fcuk out of that faggot who's been in your face since all week? Why not try something totally out of the safe-zone? Atleast you could tell that bastard who wants your ex-girlfriend so badly, dude..go and try to grow some balls and try not to suck up to society, dont be a mr.good-ass and show that your like an angel to everyone. And i bet you had to wait like forever to finally date her when i have totally "done" everything that you could imagine, you fucking little faggot?!

See? Just once, step out of that stupid fcuking safe-zone of yours and be a man. Say something that wanted to say for god-knows how fcuking long you had to keep it inside.. dont get used by another stupid asshole. Show them that you have brains, and balls too.

Dude, its about time that people start to speak-up.. its about time that we stand-up for what we believe in. Its about time.