Monday, September 29, 2008


I have this problem concerning with my life. It's something like.. hmm.. i dont know how to say this, so im gonna put it this way: The Sheep and the Wolf story.

Let's say that sheep has a problem with how his life is going.. how people reacts to his condition. He thinks that some of his friends are just being friends because they want something out of it. And at times, that theory proves to be right.

So, he sticks to the ones who he thought are his 'real' friends.. and one day, he thought to himself that what if, there is a
wolf hiding somewhere within his circle of friends. What if there is a wolf in disguise among his friends, waiting for a chance to have a bite?

So, with that possibility in his mind.. he checks out his friends, and the result of that is actually there is a
wolf within his circle. That wolf has been waiting for his chance.. and fortunately, he found out just in time.

So, what does the sheep do? ...Only time will tell. Honestly, whoever is that wolf..i hope he'll get busted. And when that wolf does get busted...everyone will be there to witness what kind of a 'snake' he is.

Wolf, if your reading this article.. better watch out.