Saturday, September 13, 2008


No more MSN for me.. some idiot reboot the comp. And now, the only thing i could do with the comp is just to go updating my blog and myspace.

Im seriously feeling more depressed right now.. and feel like blowing up. I feel like just punching some idiot right on his face..i feel like kicking some idiot's ass.'s probably all the anger that i have been keeping sealed inside are leaking out. Its probably just too much depression in my life.. idk. But whatever it is..i want to bump into an idiot, he'll say something stupid to piss me off and i'll punch his face till he eats his lunch through a straw. That's what i wanna look forward to this week in school.

Owh yea, if u find this post very problematic and u dont like it..please let me know. please.