Saturday, September 27, 2008


Friends. That's the word everyone uses nowdays..right? fcuk that! Can everyone be trusted nowdays? Same goes to the word LOVE. it's just plain bullshit..i mean come on! Through half of this year's experience, i know who aren't my friends. who manipulates and uses the word l-o-v-e on me..

let me give you an example from the 'friend' category..
From last december till this June, i was your 'friend'. Then, somehow you lost one of your best buddies and you came to me asking me why isnt that person talking to you? Soon after, you have your buddy back and forget of my existance and you could call me sombong proved that what kind of an fucking manipulative person you are..and to add to the list, i used to be your shoulders when you got rejected from some guy..and now, i get kicked out and had to stay away from your precious conversations with your reclaimed buddy.

From that little tale, you can almost see what kind of a 'friend' he/she was..

Next, an example from the 'love' category.
From febuary till the 7th of July, i was your other half..i was the guy that you always wanted. It didn't matter that i wasn't relegious, it didn't matter that i was a bad influence to you. At the time, i was the 'one' for you..and under that scarf lies a demon who was a much much worse person compared to me. Yes, i'm the bad guy; Yes, i flirt around..but i didn't know that you were a much better kisser/manipulator/liar. You had me under your spell all these while.. and i was just puppet to cover up all the lies. Why? because of the image i'm stuck with: a bad ass player. It's a perfect disguise to cover up everything..and even if i told everyone about the 'make-out' sessions, no one would believe that it was you who started the kiss..

There, another perfect example of how 'love' fcuks me up..
And i could go all night long with all of this..but if it's too long not that many people wanna read it.

Besides, not that many people wanna read an emo post such as this post. And i constantly write about some emo shit i'm, if you dont like it..dont read. simple.