Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Friends, what are they good for? Are they trustworthy? Are they going to be back-stabbers when the time comes?

See, those are the thoughts which always plays in my mind. And yes, i dont trust people. I just dont.

Why dont i trust the people around me? Why dont i trust the ones who are willing to risk it all for me? The question is, is there someone who would risk anything for a friend? And the obvious answer is NO. Why u might ask? Well, firstly...

Looking back at all of those time when im around the people who i thought would be a 'true' friend, it would seem that i have just been wasting my time around people who are going to stab my back eventually..

They will pretend to be friends, buddies, protoge, lover, pet-brothers or sisters and almost everything that they could be to you.. comfort u when u look emo in public and when the time comes, they'll just spit at ur face and tell the whole world about what kind of an idiot u are for believing in them.

I see these type of people everyday, and the best part is.. they'll actually tell u about who they are hating and who are thier enemies. And thing is, those enemies of thiers and how its being told to u are just little flashbacks to what u had to face when u were with them. How they stab their friends, how they suck up to any idiot that will fall for their tricks (including me, i was one of the idiots and i think i still am).

So guys, be aware that its not how close u are to that person which defines ur friendship but how honest u guys are.. and how they would come and help u without asking for anything in return eventhough its the 100th time u guys are helping each other.

Think about what i've just said. Think about it, Love it or hate it.