Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today, was very plain to me..Why?
My gf woke me up at 9 and then i went to her place, lepak there..and somehow i started to feel like im having fever-ish. And i gave the fever to her Sorry, syg. :)

Then, i called Navin and Mike..went out to lunch. Wanted to have kaifan (chicken rice); but the shop closed edi by the time we got there..*sigh*

Mike had to go work, me and Navin walked around and then lepaked at Mcd's. Then Navin went to his basketball i was bored and alone. Wanted to go back home but too lazy to walk all the way..

Then, lepak at Abg Man as usual..called my dad oso. Bumped into Mark while at Abg Man's. Lepak and lepak till it was 7.30, then Mark had to my dad came to A.M. And it adds to another round of shisha-ing.

Got back home, wrote this on my blog and feeling more bored than just now. pfft...damn, life after SPM isn't what i expected it to be.