Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey guys, as promised. I'll post some of the items from the archive of the NRA Production.. And here's one of them-


We are interviewing the new champion of the Cockball tournament (indoor) at Bangsar Village. His name is Hariish something something. Let's continue by watching the interview.

RaJa: So, Mr.Hariish ***** do you feel now after winning your first ever championship and beating the third-time world champion; Raja Ahmad Shah.

Hariish: *Bites the mic*...*got smacked*...Good. It feels good.

RaJa: How was the game, what was your preparations and everything?

Hariish: *Picks up something*...this is the Cockball. The thing we use..*mumbles*...the thing is not to drop the thing. And it's a good shape. All it need was a little bit of massaging, pressing and then there's no preparations..nothing needed.

RaJa: So what do you feel and what do you have to say to the champion who have lost to you, after winning.....after he won against you for three times in-a-row in the world championships indoor?

Hariish: *Thinks*....i love him. *Carries the trophy*

RaJa: Sorry sir, we can't see your trophy.

Hariish: I love him.

RaJa: So, what would like to say to your parents, friends, anything after winning the trophy?

Hariish: They have nothing to do with my success, i did all by myself.

RaJa: Thank you very much.