Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Thanks for reading my blog, you jackass!

Here are the reasons why i didnt confronted you:
  • Ashraf says: i dont care wht u said to me but u r one hell good actor. *clap* nice job. dude at least confront me, tell me face to face. i'm an open minded so pls..
  • you're open minded, so please? What the hell is that about? Everytime i wanted to talk to you, you'll end up running away or looking away like a faggot. Remembered the last time that i saw on an escalator at BV?! How you turn'd away like a big faggot..so there you go.
  • Ashraf says: anytime you wanna talk sms me or watever, we'll have some talk like we usually did and i'll try to improve myself as one of the biggest mother ****er..show me that u are a real man..
  • Call or text you and talk like last time? When was the last time i had a 'talk' with you instead of a "hye, bye." because you'll be acting like a bitch to me..so tolong la kawan; think before you talk, and yes, please improve on being a motherfucker..thank you. Owh yeah, show you that i'm a real man eh? How is that? By making you cry..again.
  • Owh yeah, one more thing.. remember the prefect picnic that we had last year? Remember how you cried and be emo after all of the guys carried you because you ran like a bitch just because you couldn't stand the smell of the durian? Yeah, some man you are.
So, read up..Ashraf. This is why i couldn't talk to you; its because you're always acting like a bitch to everyone and then cry...then everyone will show their sympathy to you. Isn't that your style? Thank you.