Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Whats wrong with the people nowdays? I've seen more beggars, con-artists, parasites than the kinder side of people..

Its like really annoying when you wanna eat and these beggars come up to you one after another asking for your pity by making their sad faces which they have done to a million other people before you. And yet, we all still fall for it.

I dont mind giving small change to the less-fortunate, but if its the same faces all the time.. i'll get pissed off. Why cant these people find a decent job? Its not like they are handicap like blind or something..they are all normal people but they act like PARASITES to our society!

When i'm eating, i couldn't help but to hear some guy by the next table promising a business worth billion..gazillion to another con-artist victim. Firstly, my family had this experience before...so i really could tell if they are con-artist; by judging from the way they talk, dress, walk and present their multi-million bluff projects.

Let's think rasionally, if your a successful businessman...would you wear a tear'd up t-shirt, spit everywhere while you smoke and then present your "project"? One thing i've learned about meeting with business entrepreneurs, the first impression is always the key to a good business deal..and yet, our people would still fall for it.

I dont know whats wrong with our society and why are these wolves are still 'lingering' around...to me, they are just like cancer to our youth generations....the youths who are trying to have a good life, not the crazy motorcylists.