Saturday, February 14, 2009

ReadThis, Bro.

Mutual understanding between friends are very complicated nowdays..not suprising rite?

This 'thing' i have between Navin and me right now is not a new thing; it happened to Mike like dozens of time while we're still schooling. And yeah, we dun talk about a week or so...then we'll talk again.

Mike knows i am an asshole. He figured it out when we we're form3.. but he told me what to do with it, and overtime we became better friends. Eventhough i seem to be an asshole between friends, we still hold on to each other's backs when it comes to relationship issues..another 'asshole friend' issues. Things like that.

So, with the current case with Navin- All i could do is just sit and wait. I already apologized. So, what else is there to do? If he does mean what he said about me a few months earlier..which was i was a friend that had his back, then this could be a simple misunderstanding.

A few days ago, while i bumped into him at Devi's.. i went to him and apologized; but then he keep on saying "fuck off!" to me. So, what is there to say? The only thing i could say is..screw-ups are made because:

Because people make mistakes. I MAKE MISTAKES. So, at this situation; its really up to Navin to decide.
Thank you, i've said my piece.