Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, these are things which have happened this end of Jan to beginning of Feb..

Had more Shisha than usual, more free food, more eye-candy, more funny stupid things.. :)

Went to Lepaq the other day, and they had some event- A perfomance from 2bands named Coda and Funky Doryz. It was cool..i only like the song named Sudahlah something by Coda and Funky Doryz were a real cool funk band. They actually made the crowd sing along to them and they rocked the stage.

Then about 2days before Lepaq; i followed Navin to Sunburst Launch Party..which was held at Pavillion. I saw Estranged, One Buck Short and Bunkface.. it was awesome. But Navin got the picture with the Bunkface frontman instead of me..(well, Navin has a social ability).

We couldn't get in; it was either for guests or media. We're neither. So, we had to watch to thing from outside.. then keep on annoying the guards by asking them what time can we go in? So, in the end- They let the public know that they'll only let us in by 9.30pm and it was at the other we had to walk. Then, after god-knows-how-long...they finally let us in..

This is a picture of a Alien Spaceship in Bangsar..i took it while i was lepaking at McDonald's. lol. Talk about, go figure.

Well, that's all for now.. i'll keep you guys informed with more stupid and random things soon. Adios, Amigos. :)