Saturday, February 21, 2009


It's about the March soon.. where SPM results will either blow u up or make u blow someone else up. Damn..

I'm worried like hell la..cuz time SPM, most of what i read didn't come out on the papers. So, i think the results wont be as good as my intervensi..

Intervensi- I had an A1, two A2's, four B4's, three C5's and one G9.
What was the G9 for? Well...that's for me to know, for u to forget. But still..i was kinda confident while doing that exam. But still la...only three A's.

So, feeling not so confident on my SPM makes me worry about it's results..sial la! Time exam bleh nak berak lak...babi tul. *sigh* Nie sumer pasal nasi lemak sial kat canteen tu la! Time nak exam bleh plak nak sakit perut....argh!