Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today's story is:

I went to school and had lunch with Atiqah. Then she had to go to her history club meeting..while waiting for her, i sat down with Shannon and Natalia. We talked about what a liar Haiqal was during the whole time i met the guy until today..

Then, speak of the devil; he came to our table. So, i replied his "Hye".

He was talking about how Mark backstabbed me and so was about time, i've had enough of this shit. I told him off.

Haiqal said: "Mark told me that you don't have any friends, it's constantly the same friends and most of the guys had enough of you and starting to hate your existence within the circle".

I said: "I dont give a shit about that cause when Mark was down, i helped him by advice..when you were down i helped you. So this whole shit is like yesterdays news to me".

Haiqal replied: "I had to agree with Mark. It's kinda true; i always see you lepaking with Hariz and Atiqah all the time, don't you have other friends?"

I said: "Whether i have friends or not; it's none of your concern. Is it your problem if i don't have any friends? Are you the one being left out? NO. It's me..plain ol' emo me."

Then he said he wanted to tell me something personal. So, i moved out of the table and walked somewhere else..

Haiqal said: "I've been wanting to tell this; it's about your girlfriend."

I said: "So, what is it?"

Haiqal replied: "I've actually have a crush on her for a long time...and i've been keeping it inside. I didn't wanna tell you cause i'm afraid it might upset you."

I said: "So, why are telling me What is your point?"

Haiqal said: "I've had a crush on her since before you guys hooked up..i've always loved her. I introduced you guys so that i thought you might help me hook up with her, but in the end you got to be her boyfriend instead of me".

I replied: "What the fuck?! So, all these while you didn't bother telling me this? What the fuck is your problem? Why after 7months that we're together and NOW your telling me THIS?!!"

So, i didn't wanna make a scene at the i kept the anger all to myself.


At 9pm; i went to Haiqal's house. I wanted to settle this shit for once and for all. Called him down, pulled him to the side of the wall and talked.

I said: "Now, let's end this. What more secrets of this have you kept from me? What else do i need to know about this whole shit?!"

Haiqal replied: "I've told you everything..there's nothing else to say."

I said: "Bullshit. I know there's more to this than what you're telling me"

Haiqal said: "I've tried to stop this feeling for her since 3months ago..but it's too hard."

I replied: "What?! 3months ago?! While me and her were already in our 4th month being a couple and you TRY to stop your feelings?!!"

Haiqal was speechless..he didn't say a word.

I continued: "Fuck it. I'm tired of this shit..i thought you said i was your 'bro'? Aren't bros suppose to get honestly from one to another?! That's it..from now on, i am not your 'bro' neither a friend. I never wanna talk or see you again."

I left..then i heard he threw his phone, then started to punch something.

Couldn't care less about that fucking liar. Fuck him la.

I still with my girlfriend; I want to keep this relationship going..if you have a problem with that, then fuck off.