Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tick..tick..tick.. SPM's gonna blow in your head!

This exam is every form5's nightmare.. reason being: parents, friends, teachers and the people around u will tell u how important this exam is and not to flunk it. correct ?

I'm sure the ex-form5s agree with what i say..well some of them might agree. The thing is the people around u will add more stress to your head and eventually, you'll just lose it.

The thing i'm smiling about is...well, it's not the bottom classes who are worried sick about this exam eventhough they haven't score straight a's before. The one's who most likely to be panic about this are the top classes, the straight a's kids..the successful students.

On my opinion, shouldn't it be the bottom classes who should be terrified with this exam more than the top classes ? I mean these guys at the top classes have better chances at finishing this exam with flying-colours. I'm in one of the bottom classes, in the art-stream. It seems that the people who are in the top classes are the ones who look like they're gonna blow up any minute.. yeah, the one's who could ace the exam are the ones who are terrified.

So, u guys think about what i just said..i'm sure there's a billion facts the counter what i've just said but's just my little opinion.