Friday, July 18, 2008

Absence of a Father and a Great Friend.

That's my dad, his name is Raja Shahruzzaman ibni Sultan Idris Afifullah Shah. That picture was taken somewhen in March of 2008, at Hartamas Square. I like to 'lepak' with him and talk about whatever that comes up in our heads..and he will smoke his shisha and talk.

We are close, like buddies. That's cuz i don't really enjoy telling everyone else all of my monsters and nightmares and he knows how stupid my problems can be and how complicated it could be, and how to avoid unnecessary problems.

And now, he's really sick.. he's at the heart institute. His heart only uses 30% to pump his blood and's because his heart is becoming weak. Obviously, i'm so bloody worried. He's my dad and my buddy and his heart is giving complications...

Dude. I seriously wouldn't want to lose a dad who's also my buddy..please, pray for him. I would really love to see him back being himself and talking crap with me and laughing it out loud. For those of my friends who knows my dad, send him a prayer.. please.
Thx. I hope u'll get better dad..