Thursday, July 31, 2008


On last Wednesday, me, navin and mira went out for a movie.. and owh yea, me and navin had a blast at carl's jr. while waiting for mira. The burger's were huge man! haha.. for a rm20 meal, it's surely worth it.

Anyways, so when mira joined our seems that i am the shortest guy there. And i feel so small in between them while we're lepak-ing there..sheesh. *sigh*

We were watching the Dark Knight. A super-ass-kicking movie with the best storyline so far.. from each plot to another, it was just total adrenaline pumping and twists throughout the whole time. Heath steals the show by playing the character known as The Joker, his acting was just flaw-less, magnificent and well...*speechless*

I think this movie is an instant classic, superb.. Dude, i am so gonna watch this movie again with my buds. haha..