Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My past relationship as F'd up as it is..and how it got worse.

So a few months ago, i was hooking up this girl..she was like the best gf i ever had, she had the qualities of what i was looking for in a gf. Everything went well, it seriously seemed almost perfect at one time.
We were happy being together until that day came, 7th of July. It was the day where we broke-up; reason being, she said she wants to move on (bla..bla..bla...) and some other stuff i couldn't recall (couldn't remember from all depression i was feeling).

Being an idiot that i am, i felt very EMO because of this breakup thingy..said that i couldn't live without her and being all heartbroken. So then, i told my friends about her and how our relationship ended and how i actually felt about all this.. well, ofcourse; someone had a problem with me telling my close friends about what happened.

The someone was clearly her, ofcourse. She and her entourage said it was all an fcuking BS, and how i made the stories up and whatever i said all were untrue.. well, i have an opinion, if u guys are almost like a saint...why can't ur bestie get her freaking 'crush' and be together after how she was babbling and feeling all emo and whatever..because obviously, her crush knows what a great liar she is (honestly, it was a headache listening to that crap). Secondly, being a professional 'liar' that i am as how u guys described my character to the whole bloody school, why didn't u tell me that we're's over ? It seems that i'm not the only 'professional liar' in this matter, right ?

Look, the fact that u guys have told the whole school that i made so many rumors and it made u and ur bestie argued against each clearly shows how much of a villain i am, right? well, firstly, ur bestie: "ms.i-wouldn't-hurt-anything", is also a professional liar.. and why u might ask ? well, the fact that she told me that how 'disliked' u and how u are treating her differently right after she introduced her new transfer-buddy to u, and how u don't talk to her like how u guys used to (and bla..bla..bla..); so, she can bitch about u and get away with it ? that hardly seems fair.

I find this 'accusing RaJa thingy' really hillarious...for the fact that i am the villain of this twisted tale, but the actual story is really how u guys fought each other while we were to together, whether u guys realized it or not. And now, u guys are talking about honesty and whatever BS u guys can come up with..

In the end, someday, the truth will finally surface from all this bullshit that u guys are covering it up with..and when it does surfaces, taste ur own sweet poison. I guess it'll hit u like big slap on ur faces by then...well, until that day comes, i am still patiently waiting. Honestly, it's up to u guys to think whatever u want about me..i couldn't care less, because whatever it is, i know i'm not the one who started this fight or whatever the bullshit is called..

And yeah, it's ok to pretend that we still talk eventhough we couldn't stand looking at each other's face anymore..and if u were to ask me, "which one will u choose, me or your friends ?" ; I'd say: I'll choose my friends over you.

(owh yeah, to anyone who's reading this...please, don't take it personally. it's just an angry opinion from a guy who got cheated.)

Cheers! - RaJa Ahmad Shah.