Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today's feeling:
  1. bored from the stupid life-sucking job. (still..i need the money)
  2. gave the Xbox back to Mr.K after a week of fun..*sigh*
  3. got a SMKSH prom to go to tomorrow nite...and yes, someone paid for me and i dont have a date.
  4. close to being broke.
  5. no shisha for 48hours straight...(im addicted, yes.)
So that's pretty much of the things which are going on today. Owh yea...here's an interesting story-
A few days ago..so while i was working at my store, i asked the woman beside my store to look after it while i went to the gents.
Then, while i was in the gents..on the floor the was a puddle of water, and i could see the reflection of the next door. So, i was wondering why was there noises from the next door? And when i looked at the reflection, the most sickest thing happen.
First, i saw the guy was jacking off..then the next most fucked up thing was there was another guy giving him a ****job.

And if that doesn't sound sick enough...i dunno what does. So yeah- thats what happened during a few days ago. Dude...i feel so sick to my stomach till now. Fuck weyh!! Ewww...!!