Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SMKSH's Prom Story.

I was at the SMK Sri Hartamas's prom earlier today..and it was ok la.
On a 1-10 scale: 6 (should have been 5 but the food was awesome!)
The performance was kinda dull...but its ok la. Not bad.
Thats one of the performance from a band..err...i forgot their name though. lol.

So, thanks to Tunku Amira- I have a ticket to the prom. Yes, its so sad and pathetic that im going to another school's prom..and its because my school is being so cheap by not having one. So, as i entered the place...i met most of my old friends there.
I was from SMKSH; but only for a few months la.. so i made a few friends while i was there. Now, back to the prom story-

I was seated with some 'high-class' kids from smksh..on the reserved table. And there was this guy who brought me back some memories of how i hated this bloody son of a *****. He and his 'cun' girlfriend was across me on that table. And i couldn't help but to hate the living shit out of this bloody male Paris Hilton..and the stupid look i got from his face was just pissing me off. But thanks to the food- im ok.
So, in between breaks of the prom..they made a lucky-draw on the ticket number. And yes- i almost won...but mine was 066, and the number that won something was 166. Dammit.

So everyone had their dates excluding me and some other guys on the next table, which was the 'loser-ish' table. So, i was pissed off.. i went to another school's prom and now i wouldnt care about what stupid shit i would do while im in the event. And ofcourse, i was browsing through all the girls that i saw in the ballroom..

And there were really hot girls, some ok-ok ones, some ugly slutties and etc. So i wanted a date...and while i was on the dancefloor, i saw an old friend on mine who doesn't have a date because she's dancing with the other girls. I went straight up to her and asked to dance with me... and she did. I held her hips and started talking some shit to prevent the awkward silence. Because i would never have asked her if i wasn't bored of being daring..

As we were slow-dancing on the dancefloor, i couldnt help but to finally notice that she's hot! And to think all these while i didnt pay any attention to her at all..what a bummer. So then, after a few songs..i let go of her- and her friends quickly stole her from being my partner. And then i noticed there was a sharp stare on me since i was dancing with my friend....and it turns out to be her boyfriend. Dammit.

So then i tried to shuffle a little and move along and sooner...i stopped and sat down. And then i asked my friend to drive me home. That's the point of this post is-

if it was not for the SMKSH's prom, i wouldn't have noticed that one of my old friend was a hottie and now i feel so bummed out because when i had the chance to do something about it..i ignored her. Dammit.