Friday, December 26, 2008


There's a story about a girl whom had lost her love and her soul over lust.

She was mine at first, i took care of her..loved her and make sure she was alright. But then, i couldnt always be around her all the time- So i let her go.
Then another guy took care of her.. and she said he seemed to be just right for her- He loves her so much, eventhough she was being unfaithful to him at times. And that shows how much 'he cares about her'.

Her new guy tried to be friends with me. Eventhough i hated that son of a bitch for a whole lot of reason, i kept my feelings towards myself. And whenever i talk to her and such, he would eventually butt-in into our conversation.. (as if i need another reason to kick his face)

But she was happy being with him- Or so it would seem to be that way.
And a whole year has passed since she caught up with her guy...and i was having my relationship crisis. But she told me-

"I used to feel the same way.. i loved u so much and it hurts to see you walked out. I had to endure the pain im feeling because i asked to be released- It wasnt really your fault. So just hang on, you'll get over it how i did when it was about you."

So i took that as she has completely moved on, and he is really the one for her.
But a few months later, she talked to me and she seemed different. It was like as if she wasn't the same girl that i have known all these years..

She came back to me; mentally exhausted, physically injured.
It was because her 'guy' had done something to her- He had took her virginity away. And to cope with the intense pressure from having him to have taken something from her and being scared if there might be a life inside of her- She took birth control pills, she started smoking, drinking liquor..

And the only question to all of this is:
Where was the guy that you thought was the 'one' and in the end, why did you came back to me?