Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ladies & Gents,
If you love the tunes from the Drum&Bass genre- then this track is the one you guys should check out.

Its called Granite. Its from Pendulum- and most of their songs are freaking cool!

Songs from Pendulum that you should check out are:
  • Blood Sugar - It has sweet bass and keyboard tunes for you headbangers.
  • Coma - Its kinda slow but it gets you in the mood when ur emo.
  • Hold Your Color - It feels something like from a Fifa Street playlist.
  • Insecurity - This one really sounds Techno.
So those are the few songs that you should check out..if u wanna listen to them now before downloading, i have some of the songs on my Myspace profile. Here's the link- Myspace - RaJa's Profile