Friday, January 30, 2009


Febuary's Valentine-
What does that mean to you? I'm sure there will some sweet&sour experiences from that particular day/word that occur'd to you..right?

What i want to do on this Valentine's- I wanna take my girlfriend out to the mall; ask her to get whatever she wants, take her to the movies, have dinner with her at a really nice fine dining place and then drive her back home. I wanna devote a whole day just for her..

What do you think? Too cliche? Well, im a typical oldskool guy when it comes to Valentine's with my Before the day actually comes, i gotta make some space in my bank account for her...cuz im sure for a day like that- Its gonna cost me, but what the heck; it only comes once a year..dont you agree?

I really dont know why i wrote this post; but i felt like writing it. Guys, make sure it'll be a day she'll remember forever.. Shouldn't it like that? A fairytale story for her- Just for one special day, once a year. Atleast before her birthday