Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today, i woke up at 7am-ish and walked to Lucky Garden for my driving license. I set the alarm to ring with a blast of techno at 7am and when it blasted with all the bass and everything at 7 in the bloody morning...i could only blame myself. So, i got up and made my phone shut up then continued my trip to Dreamland.

About 5mins later; i woke up, showered, drink a cup of coffee and started walking...
About 2weeks ago- I registered with my friend Hariish. Then we both went to the 5hour-long letcure.. but he took the driving exam on last thursday and i finally did mine today.

*fast forward*

So, after doing the exam..i checked on my results- .....and i got a 43! (not bad since i didnt study) The passing score is 42 btw...42/50.

So, i'm happy that i finally done the undang2 test and i could get on the driving school thingy and get my L license soon..haha.