Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Its been ages since the last post was on my blog..
Sorry about that; i've been busy with lotsa stuff.... there's jobhunting, Lepaq-ing, Driving Tests, etc. And the comp was m.i.a for a while because of my 'genius' relatives- They completely destroyed my comp. *sigh*

Currently, i've been wandering off the streets of Bangsar and Hartamas.. and i'm starting to get really annoyed with most people that i used to know in SMKBB. They're really starting to be a pain-in-my ass and for a lot of reasons too-

  • Firstly, they totally act like big time assholes after my batch left that place.. thinking like they own the fucking world.
  • Some of them still keep on adding me into their social problems- such as some ex-girlfriend who turned out to be a slut kinda thing of whatever that sounds close to that.
  • Some of them tells me that: "Owh, Raja..i miss you la, blah blah blah.." then owh, whatever la..since you're not in school anymore; i dont really wanna know you anymore.
  • Some of them adds on to me like a fucking leech- Just because i drove them home a few times before.. and they go like: "Eh, Raja..when you have lisence we could go show-off at school infront of everyone." And i go like wtf?! You're not the boss of me?!
  • Then there's the best actors- A group of motherfuckers who are nice to you but then they backstab you like a freaking gattling-gun!
Most importantly, these people are being a real pain-in-my butt for more reasons then i've just mentioned earlier..And yes; IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHAT I WROTE.. WRITE YOUR OWN POST IN YOUR BLOG AND LEAVE ME ALONE, you fucking haters.