Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Wow, its finally 2009.
Sorry for being late on posting this..

And everyone who still has school --is attending school; while others (like the ex-form5s) work, college & whatever there is to do.

On Monday, i felt really awkward- Why?
Well, usually on the first monday of January i'll attend school.. and now i dont anymore. Usually, i'd have my uniform on the side of my bed along with my prefect tie. And i'll go to school like how i did for the last eleven years of my life.

But this time it was different- I woke up and realize that i've ended my schooling days..and its kinda sad cause like every year, i'd go to school at made fun of other people's hair cuts on the first week. But now... I still can.

Hah! I dont have to wake up at 6 anymore and shout at other people's faces and write a bunch of stuff in class..and i can sleep longer...hahaha!