Monday, November 17, 2008


What happens to an organization when there is much too perfect people in it? What i meant is, if an organization had a few members 'stirring things up'- it would make the organization live up.
Why? Well, if everything seems too perfect then everything would be boring and then its either they become like zombies or robots. lol.

All i'm saying is-
The organization that i was in had my batch of rebellious members- and therefore, it made everything just right. Without a villain there cant be a hero, right? So i wonder how are things gonna be when the organization starts out next year.. because there ain't much of rebellious members.

And yes; i miss the whole 'heroes' thingy about the organization.. because now- life wouldn't be that much fun because we cant create that much havoc for others to suffer from. lol.
Anyways, i would like to say: "cheers to anyone whom i've made his/her life miserable and a thousand apologies. And thanks to everyone who joined our efforts to make everyone else's life a living hell while we were in the organization."