Saturday, October 25, 2008

SonOfAB*tch, BigTime!

There's this guy in my schoool. He's the so called 'model prefect' for the form3's. And most of the people of school thinks that his 'charming' too in many ways.

How is he 'charming'?
Well, let's just say he is the role model prefect. He scores straight a's, he's in the school's squad for football and he gets away with his flirt-ish attitude towards most occasion.

When it comes to the flirt issue- i don't really mind. I for one, flirt too..but not as much compared to the 'prince charming' here. *sarcasm* And some of the juniors in my school told me that he told them not be involved in a relationship.. concentrate on studies la.. bla..bla..bla.

Now, how come you can tell others not be involved when you yourself is in a relationship? (Well..he used to la..before she liked some other guy.) So, i was like wtf?!

The thing is, i get the point when he wants others to be like him. But don't be a hypocrite. His big crush is now a new prefect.. and i heard that she left him for some guy, according to the rumors- its a teacher. lol.

He was like a good friend when i had my previous relationship breakdown. And a few weeks later, during an event. I told him that i was interested on this 'particular' girl..and he was like "go for it, dude." And i was like alright weyh..*confident look*

But now- that bloody s.o.b. is acting like a bitch to me.. he suddenly wants my girl and he ignores my very existance.

I dont mind the 'ignore my very existance' part..but the thing that pisses me off is- Among all the girls that he could flirt and make his move, why does it have to be my girlfriend? Is he trying to take her from me or is he just trying to piss me off even more?

I would like to say this-
Dude, i dont know what the fcuk is going through your stupid fucking head when your trying to take my girlfriend. And the fact that when i was out with her yesterday and you tried to ask her out on a 'one on one' date? Your just a big son of a b*tch..and all those sweet flirty messages to her phone? Well, we'll see whether you can type after im done with all this. This is a jack*ss! Its a bloody warning.And dont use the stupid 'pet-brother' sick of that shit. Try to get this into that thick skull of yours.

And the readers of this post know who im talking about, please- pass this message to him. Tell him that im aware of his actions. Tell him that i know what he's trying to do. Tell him to just fuck off.