Friday, October 3, 2008


Holidays are almost over...and the SPM pressure starts to kick-in. Its less than a month till the big final exam, and i feel like im screwed..big time.

The thing is, i know what i wanna do after SPM..and the only problem i have is just this huge boulder on my back. Its called 'Lazyness'.. And each time i reach out for help for this problem, i'll be the one who'll suck out. I'd get left behind. desparate, i need help for SPM. I seriously need a push..i need something or someone to keep on pushing me until its SPM. I need a really determined study-partner..

If there's anyone in SMK BB (form 5) who'd think they could help me out..seriously. Then i need your help, seriously. Im so close to being doomed for the finals.. and if that doesnt show how desparate i am, i dunno what does.

RaJa is calling out for help for his SPM.. he needs help. He needs to study! Help him. Help me!