Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CareerAdvice? LifeHasAlreadyMadeReservations.

What's your plan after SPM? What do u wanna be? What are u pursuing? Me? Well, i have a bunch of plans of what-to-do but...honestly, i dont know what the hell am i gonna do after SPM.

Sure, the time off before the results strike terror into every hearts of the form5s.. i'll be working part-time here and there. But the question is- What am i gonna do or study after the results come? I cant wait for the results for show up and then plan....that's just throwing my future into someone else's hand.

I've been thinking about graphic designing, music engineering, culinary studies, business management and tons of other stuffs.. there's like so many things to choose from. And my parents has given me 2 opposite comments about it-

Dad said: I dont care whatever u wanna do, whatever it is..make sure its from the heart. Make sure there's passion.

Mom said: Make sure ur job has a future in it. Make sure there will be a steady pay for u because the world is an expensive place. How will u buy urself a house or car? Think where will u be in 5 years time?

There, both of my parents have given me something to think about when im thinking about getting myself somewhere in this world. Both of them have made their point when it comes to career- it ain't a walk in a park.

The hardest thing is..i dont think i can ace this SPM exam. And i know myself well enough that i'll probably get 4a's max...maximum. And my mum expects me to get straight a's? Now that is something we can call a 'miracle'. Right?

How about u guys? Why dont u guys ask ur parents and see what will they answer.. i think my mum's advice is what u'll get from ur parents.

*sigh* Life is such a bitch. You have to think everything..every single day, week because you wouldn't wanna waste it. And by thinking all that...im sure that stress will start to knock ur heads like a hammer. Now i know why people die from stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and suicide. It's all because of this stupid life's demand. If you cant keep up, life will chew u up and spit u out..by then eveything is useless.