Friday, October 3, 2008


Yesterday, i went out with my good friend. We hang'd out and shisha-ing in D'Haven.. When we sat down and started puffing, we began to talk about our problems. He has his problems concerning his relationships with a special group of friends..

And as we talked about all these bullshits surrounding us in life.. i thought to myself, what really bothers me is sometimes when life shows you something a girl who's really your type. But then, life shows the ugly side of it.. like she might be in a relationship with another guy or she just like you as a friend. nothing more than that.

And what sucks in this life based on what i've seen so far is for example, the jerks and assholes always get things going their way. Chicks go crazy for them eventhough they are complete bastards.. Their parents will give them whatver they want eventhough they treat their parents like shit.. They can skip school and score straight a's while some of us who works hard everytime doesnt even get close to getting straight a's.

Or if a girl that you had a crush on since you were in form1 share the same feelings for you but by the time you found out, its too late. She moved on. And when you had the chance to tell her how you feel, you backed out.. you thought that she might not feel the same way.

I was thinking about all those things while i was puffing away.. When you think about it, life isn't fair. Nothing is.

You might gain something precious but you'll lose something wonderful in return. Life never fails to show you what you have to sacrifice in order to gain something else.. But when you think about it, Its not life who is unfair..its how you make of with what you've got. Its how you choose to live your life, its how you choose who you want to be friends with.. because in the end, WE ALL ARE JUST HUMAN BEINGS..WE MAKE MISTAKES. But what saparates us is just how we learn from our mistakes.