Thursday, March 19, 2009


Firstly, i would like to say that- I'm feeling more pathetic than i should be. It's not like i actually care about who i socialize with, because 60% of them are just fucking useless anyways.

Yes, I'm letting out my anger on you. It's because i think you should be taken out by anger because your a fucking prick..

There's nothing more disgusting in this life than looking at someone who's keeps this shit together and betraying his friend by taking all the opportunities to himself. Ain't that your style of living?

Unlike you, i NEVER TAKE FRIENDSHIP PERSONAL..because i know you'll fucking backstab me. Your just a waste of breath.

Make me pay your bills, take my entertainment away by fucking lying straight to my face...what else do you want, asshole?!

I hope your friends find out just who you really are..then how well can you cover this shit up?!

And when you can't hold yourself together, so why should i hold you down? Your not even worth the effort.

For those of you who CAN'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND A SINGLE THING from this post, it's not meant for you. The post is for a certain person. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHAT I WROTE.. WRITE YOUR OWN POST IN YOUR BLOG AND LEAVE ME ALONE. Before i shoot you down with your own fucking bullets made out of jealousy and self-denial.