Sunday, March 15, 2009

AwayFromHome. (pt.II)

So then, got back to Bangsar by 4.30..Navin dropped me by the cherry tree.
Feeling exhausted as hell...then my phone rang. My girlfriend wants to see me before she goes to MV with her mum.

*fast forward>>*

Then lepaked at Starbucks's balcony in BVII..joined by Navin. Called Mark to find out about his party thingy..found out it started at 3. So i thought fuck that la...too tired to attend some party, it's not like me and Mark are close oso.

Got back home, sleep..and then went out to Abg Man's. Smoky-smoky some shisha, then walked back home. Followed by- Makan, mandi, tido, bangun, blog then tido again..

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHAT I WROTE.. WRITE YOUR OWN POST IN YOUR BLOG AND LEAVE ME ALONE. Cause i'm too tired to figure out what your trying to say..