Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Being human beings, we never fully appreciate what we have until its gone. At times, we tend to neglect who actually is sincere to ourselves.

Life has its full of ups and downs, surely to most of us- it seems full of downs more than ups. Endless suffering, sadness, hate, etc. But in the end, it is what makes us human. To be able to learn from our mistakes, to grow into a mature state of mind. To me; life isn't a rollercoaster as other see it..

Sometimes, we just have to accept the fact, no matter how difficult it is for us. We tend to envy others for having something close to our desires. Some of us would try to destroy that 'perfect' image by force.. cause others to say "if i can't have it, so will you." But seriously, is that really necessary?

But it's just human nature. Envious to others. Honestly, there is nothing perfect about us. We lack in so many ways, but the thing is, what's the point of living when you achieve perfection? Losing our core emotions as a human being, as for being sorrow, kind, love, anger, etc.

Life changes everything. Life evolves. We evolve; spiritually, mentally, physically. Futhermore, how can we define Life as to what we seem to fit? Where rules wouldn't apply, freedom of the soul as they say.. Somehow it will lead us into destruction of ourselves. We'll grow hatred of one another, greed of power, haunted by our choices.

Is that what you want the future generations to be able to inherit from us? It is time for us to grow mature, think before making choices. The future is for us to mold, the past is for us to hold on to.

Stop this destruction before it devours our future. Be one. Understand our differences. Our beliefs might not be the same.. but our hearts are. Why should we fight one another for domination? Doesn't it get lonely being all alone up there? Isn't it better to have people who wouldn't try to destroy one another?

Think about it. You are the molder of our generation, for us to carry on into the future. Let's stop being selfish, and try to understand what seems to be the problem. For those of you who truly understand what i am saying, thank you. For those of you who don't, fuck you.

This isn't political nor religious. Its a self-awareness note, to the world.